VCSWG is Excited to Announce Partnership with Hotrods & Hogs

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Assumption Knights of Columbus Hotrods & Hogs event.   The 5th annual car and motorcycle show will be held on Saturday August, 4th at 10:00am to 2:00pm. 

The leadership for the Hotrods a& Hogs event has announced that VCSWG will be the beneficiary of this years fundraiser.  During the event, cars and motorcycles from all over Iowa come to show their vehicles.  During the show, the Knights serve a freshly smoked pork, homemade baked beans, sweet corn and coleslaw.  Unlike many car shows, the event happens in Centennial Park along highway 141, a beautiful venue for cars and a Hog Roast.

For More information download the PDF Document HERE:


VCSWG Gets a Confident Start

Volunteer community Services of Woodward and Granger (VCSWG) is excited to become the newest non-profit organization in Granger and Woodward.  With all the paperwork completed we can move ahead to fulfill our mission; serve the communities of Woodward and Granger to provide services without charge to individuals in need of assistance to remain in their homes.

We are active in transporting clients  to  medical appointments, picking up prescriptions,  wellness home checks, weekly beauty shop appointments, senior citizen social events,  and shopping trips to Wal-Mart.  We currently have: 15 volunteers and serving 13 clients.

This core of volunteers has logged 804 miles, have made 28 trips and have volunteered 190.25 hours.

We also have durable medical equipment available for loan and personal assistance.

If you are in need of assistance or would like to volunteer, please call 515-999-2970.  Spend time on our website for more information.

There is no charge to the client for any service provided, so tax deductible donations are always welcome to offset operating costs.  If you would like to help, donations can be made online by clicking the “DONATE” button from the main navigation.

Please send donations to:

Volunteer Community Services of Woodward and Granger
PO Box 104
Granger, IA 50109
Email: info
Phone: 515-999-2970


VCSWG Adds New Board Members

VCSWG is proud to introduce  new board members.

Please welcome: From Left to right:  Kathy Yager, Board Member.  Shirley Hass, Board Member and Barb Chambers, Board Member and Treasurer.











Board Minutes – September 2017

Volunteer Community Services of Granger, Inc. (VCSG)

Board Meeting Minutes, Date of  Wednesday September 27th, 2017

(prepared by Secretary, Gary Friemel)

Call to order10:00 a.m.

In Attendance : Pastor Bill, Gregg, Karen, Gary, Shannon,   (absent – Nancy)

Opening prayer:  Gregg

Approval of prior meetings minutes:  No changes to minutes –  Gregg 1st ,  Shannon 2nd – all voted aye

Treasurer’s report:  Gregg – no changes, full report to be given next month

Brochure & Poster ideasGary – success reported on granger days parade, talked about Nancys posters and the high quality of them (will have them next month for all to see).  Gary will take folded brochures to City Hall, Meth. Church, Alices Beauty shop, and Ericksons.  Gary will get one of Nancys posters to Shannon to see about getting 11×16, 9×11 posters made to put in local businesses.  He also mentioned about the possible reorganization of the brochure info. — discussion tabled until next meeting to have Nancy present.

Logging timeBill – discussion about the “need” for all to keep track of hours, mileage, and dates of their VCSG work.       It was suggested to have Gary send out a reminder email to board members at the end of the month stating their information was due and due by the 5th of the following month  and if not received he will follow up.  A motion was made by Karen and 2nd’d by Gregg to put this policy in force,  all voted aye.

Committee Job DescriptionsBill  — still working on – discussion tabled for the present.

Old businessLanyards were passed out to board members.  Bill requested from Gary a list of volunteers, he will email to him.        Other old business was handled in above headings.

New businessIt was suggested that we need to contact our volunteers in a face to face event,  if for nothing else but keeping them informed of where we are and that we up and running – and waiting for clients.  After discussion, it was decided to work on putting together a “Meet & Greet” (maybe a morning coffee-donut kind of thing) with the board and volunteers present – lanyards & name tags will be handed out at that time as well.    During this discussion Karen brought up that we need to look into our policies about $ being spent and the amount before board approval is needed –Bill will check into our policies.

Closing prayer:   Gregg   ———-  motion to adjourn 1st Shannon, 2nd Karen  —  meeting

adjourned at 11:00


Date of next meeting :   November 8th 2017, Wednesday 10:00 at Emmanuel Meth. Church

Meeting Minutes February 2017

Volunteer Community Services of Granger, Inc. (VCSG)

Board Meeting Minutes,   Date of — Wed.  February 15th, 2017

(prepared  by Secretary Gary Friemel


Call to order10:00 a.m.

In Attendance : Pastor Bill, Gregg, Jim, Karen, Gary, Nancy, Shannon

Opening prayer:  Gregg

Introduction of ShannonShannon Godwin introduced to the group by Gregg.  Gregg also suggested we add Shannon as a Director on the Board.  Motion by Gregg, 2nd by Gary – no discussion needed,  a vote was taken,  vote was unanimous.

Policies and proceduresMore discussion.  A motion by Gregg to approve the draft of the committee for Pol. And Procedures for the installition of the website.  Jim 2nd vote all approved.  More discussion about P and P,  what about backround checking policy ??     A motion was made to “move forward with Policies and Procedures, adding a policy for backround checks and making sure our correct bylaws are in place to be ratified by an email vote within 72 hours and then published when ratified.   Motion by Karen, 2nd by Gregg – vote was unanimous.

Bylaw changeBoard member clarification :  board members are volunteer board.  (need to change Board Member page in bylaws description)

Launch update still working toward a date —  Need to get P&P’s in order,  also logo and i.d items, also need to meet with volunteers to train, (when parts are in place, (need someone to head and direct this))

Media updatePastor – still working on items and logo.

Old business

New business:

Closing prayer:   Pastor Bill

Meeting adjourned:   11:05 a.m.


Date of next meeting :   March 22nd, 2017, Wednesday 10:00 at Emmanuel Meth. Church